Welcome to Notlikely.ca

So ... what do you think this site is about. It's about me playing with some new stuff. Will there be anything created here that will live on as an offering to the public... not likely! Hence the name of the domain.

I've had a couple of ideas in the past and never done anything with them, this site is my first attempt at making some of them come to fruition... if only for my and my family's uses. You may find some interesting things here, you may not. If yes feel free to come back, if not feel free to leave ... your choice. Some of my so called blog posts may be inflamitory, and potentially offensive. If the former Good! think about those ideas, I bet I'll make you ponder a few things in your life, I know I do about mine. If the later, oh well, you've been warned, in general I'm not picking on any particular group, but making observations that other people have already noticed but don't normally talk about in polite society.

The colour scheme: As you may have guessed, my colour sense is not particularly good. That's because I'm colour blind, no I don't see in black and white but I have trouble telling the difference between Green and Brown or Blue and Purple. With a little bit of common sense and intellegent guessing I am usually right in my guesses, when I'm not don't correct me, it's just annoying. I can't see the difference and constantly correcting me really pisses me off.